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Our approach to celebrating your employees.

Our approach is simple. We want to celebrate your employees' success with aspirational rewardsa mix of name-brand lifestyle merchandise/vouchers and DIY travel experiencesdesigned to satisfy the tastes and preferences of a global audience, and that come with world-class customer service and support.

Providing aspirational awards to your employees keeps your recognition program distinct from compensation and provides you with the flexibility to adapt and change your program as needed. Aspirational awards, rather than compensation:

  • Evoke images that trigger powerful, emotional responses.
  • Engage the right-side of brain (emotional) versus the left-side of brain (logical).
  • Are highly promotable, offering myriad promotional possibilities.
  • Involve family and friends in selecting your awards.
  • Are memorable with long-lasting "trophy" value, reinforcing achievement with every viewing of the reward.

We manage the reward fulfillment for participants in 120+ countries through catalogues unique to each country. We locally source our rewards. For the APJ/China region, are physically located in Shanghai and Singapore and therefore, are able to provide awards that are culturally appropriate and desirable, while also anticipating trends. We have rewards managers who seek to develop the most appropriate reward catalogues for the APJ region. This ensures that your employees will be offered a targeted and meaningful array of reward choices.

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